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What's My House Worth?


Thinking of selling your house or other property? The right representation is everything. There are many details involved in selling, and they start before the property is put on the market. Here are some of the key points in a successful sale:

PRICING - I will prepare a detailed market report to see what buyers have been paying for similar homes in the area, and recommend a price competitive with the market and generating you the most and best offers.

STAGING - I will review the home from the eyes of a buyer. Day to day living in a home is different than showcasing it for sale. Some homes need a lot of staging and some need very little or none at all. It is all individually analyzed to recommend the best results for your situation.

ADVERTISING - I will personally write ads for your house or property. I don't use templates that repeat the same words over and over, a custom ad is written for every house. Your house is unique and the way it is advertised should not be cookie cutter either.

TEAM - I have a team of dedicated experienced individuals that share my business philosophy and system of values. We cover each other in busy times or spontaneous changes in circumstances. What that means for you is that a showing or an inquiry will never be missed if I am out of town or otherwise unavailable.

TIMELINE - I will make sure you are comfortable with everything I am doing. You will know the steps and the timeline in advance. Selling a house is stressful and I am here to minimize the stress for you. I have time tested resources in the marketplace that I work with and I know what to expect from them.

PAPERWORK - I include a complimentary review of any missing/open permits, CO's and CC's. If necessary I will recommend expediting any missing paperwork if the circumstances justify it.

MORAL SUPPORT - Life is not perfect! I will be there to hold your hand and listen to your feelings and concerns throughout the process. You will never feel pushed and not listened to. I am always ready to assist you with decisions if you'd like me to be.

RESULTS - That's when it all comes together. Take a look at my prior sellers' reviews. In 17 years I have helped hundreds of families with their realty needs. Would you like to become my next happy client for life?